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How Bleed Water Can Affect An Asphalt Concrete Driveway & How To Keep It Durable

Failing to get an asphalt driveway constructed by a specialist can lead to it not lasting as long as it should. It is vital for the bleed water to evaporate before the surface aggregates are poured to complete the look. Below, you will discover the effects that bleed water can have on your asphalt driveway and how to keep it durable.

How Can Bleed Water Affect an Asphalt Driveway?

Bleed water is basically excess water in the mixture that is laid to construct an asphalt driveway. The excess water produces a lot of pressure in the concrete and can cause harm if it does not evaporate before using aggregates. The aggregate materials will prematurely begin to scale as the pressure from bleed water pushes against them after the driveway is complete, as there is no other way for the pressure to escape.

Bleed water continuously rises to the surfaces of the mixture so it can eventually evaporate. A specialist will know the right time to pour the aggregates based on what the top of the mixture looks like, such as the amount of water present. Certain products can also interfere with the durability of your driveway, along with the pressure from bleed water.

What Kind of Products Can Harm the Durability of an Asphalt Driveway?'

Products containing a chemical called calcium chloride are harmful to an asphalt driveway and will interfere with the durability of it. The main products with the chemical that are commonly used on the surface of a driveway are deicing products designed for frozen concrete. You can use sand on the surface to avoid using a deicer that can cause the surface to scale.

Allowing fertilizing products for lawns to touch the surface on the driveway can also affect durability. The reason is due to fertilizer having a large amount of sulfates in it that are not good for the aggregate materials. If you use liquid fertilizers on your lawn, they are harmful to the driveway aggregates because of the amount of water they contain.

Don't allow a poorly constructed driveway to lead to you having to invest in untimely repairs. You can have a beautiful driveway that is durable if you leave the construction to a specialist, such as someone from Robert R. Andreas & Sons Inc., who will make sure the bleed water evaporates. Make sure fertilizing products are kept away from the aggregate materials if you want the driveway to last for a while before natural wear and tear!