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How To Effectively Move Your Business

Entrepreneurs and business owners are constantly looking for ways to improve their revenue, profit margin and streamline their operating costs. One of the timeless ways for accomplishing this is to keep scouting for a new, more fitting location.

There are many reasons why moving the location of your business can be beneficial and well worth the effort. It allows businesses to reach new markets, resolve work force issues, help lower costs and improve the quality of life for their employees. Each of these important reasons can justify the cost of hiring professional heavy machinery movers and relocating your business.

Is it time to move your business? Here's how to do it effectively.

Steps to Moving Your Business the Right Way

Moving your business is a huge undertaking. If done properly, it can greatly improve your business. However, a poorly planned move can have untold negative effects. The below steps will set you on the right path to a successful business move.

  • Step 1: Create Detailed Specifications. Begin by creating a list of detailed specifications of what your new location must offer. These specifications will be directly related to your reasons for moving. If you're aiming to reach a new labor market, having a lower lease is not necessarily required. However, if you aim to lower costs, a lower lease should be high on the list. You should have an idea how many square footage you'd like, if you'll require heavy machinery moving and lease length terms.  
  • Step 2: Determine the General Location. You likely already have a general idea if you'll be moving to a new city or just across town.  However, you'll need to narrow down the general area for your new location. A great way to do this is to gather information related to the target city from the Chamber of Commerce, real estate brokers and other business owners. Using your detailed specifications, seek out specific answers. For example, ask, "How many 5,000 square foot barebones manufacturing plants are available downtown and what are the lease terms?  
  • Step 3: Prepare Your Business Well in Advance. Now you're ready to start breaking down and itemizing every single step for moving your business to the new location. The most effective way to cover all the bases is to create a moving task force. This task force should be comprised of one or two employees from every department. Each employee should have a thorough understanding of their department and the ability to make decisions. Have this task force create a series of detailed checklists that can be distributed to everyone else. They should include when to break down cubicles, when to call in the heavy machinery movers and how to move with the smallest interruption of business operations.

Now, You're Ready to Move

After you've completed the above three steps, you'll know where you're moving and know exactly how to execute the move. Remember to thoroughly create extensive checklists before starting the actual move. This will help ensure nothing is forgotten. To learn more, contact a company like Advantage Machinery Services, Inc. with any questions you have.