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2 Counter Materials That Work Well For Vanities

If you want to add a new vanity to your bathroom, then selecting the right counter material is important because not all are created equally. Here are 2 counter materials that will work well for your new bathroom vanity.


First, granite is an excellent choice. In fact, granite holds up better than most other counter materials because it is so durable. One of the advantages of using this material is that it will not warp or get heat discoloration from your curling irons and hot hair appliances. 

Some materials, such as Corian, can discolor from hot curling irons and flat irons if they are constantly touching the counter when they are turned on.

Granite is also very strong and will not chip or crack easily. You do not have to worry about scratching the surface either because granite can actually be used as a cutting surface. Even though you will not be cutting food in the bathroom, at least you know that nail files and manicure tools will never ruin your counter just by setting them on there.

In addition, granite comes in many color combinations, and you can select a color palate that will hide hair and dust so that you do not have to clean it every single day. Lighter colors of granite or counters that have really light with darker contrasts work well to hide particles on your counter.


Second, laminate is an excellent choice for counters as well, and there are so many options that look high end without the hefty price tag. Laminate is a material that has high resolution photos printed on it. 

For example, laminate can look like marble, wood, tile, and so on. You can also get laminate that is textured, high def, matte colored, or glossy. Your options are endless, and this materials will cost considerably less than granite.

The only downside is that it is not heat resistant. You can still set your hot tools on it, but if direct heat is on the counter for too long, you may notice some warping or discoloration that was not present at first.

To prevent this, you can simply get a hair accessory holder that will hold your hot hair tools so that they never touch your counter.

By of these materials work well and have different advantages, so now you can select the right material for your new vanity. To learn more, contact a company like A. Padilla Marble, Inc. with any questions you have.