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3 Tips For Saving Money As A Young Married Couple

Most young married couples are pretty tight on money, and try to do everything that they can to make their money stretch from paycheck to paycheck. While living on a small budget can be hard, it definitely isn't impossible. This article will include 3 great tips for saving money when you are short on money as a young married couple. 

Do Your Own Home Appliance Repairs

If you or your spouse have any knowledge of appliance repair, it is a good idea for you to try and take care of repairs on your own. You can take that foundation of knowledge that you have, and from there you can read online tutorials and watch online videos to help you know what to buy for the repair and how to repair it.

For example, if you find that your fridge is leaking, you can look up to see if the tubing connected to your fridge has a leak, or if it is some other issue. By doing these repairs on your own you will save a substantial amount of money, because you will only have to pay for supplies, rather than supplies and labor. 

Go Without The Extras

While it may be tempting to get all of the luxuries that everyone else has, it is smarter to go without some of these things for a while. Instead of getting all of the television channels that you want, check out videos from your local library. Rather than going out to eat for lunch and/or dinner, pack a lunch and make dinners at home.

You can still go out on an occasional date night, but make it more of a special occasion. Keep the cars that you currently have, and don't upgrade or get a new car unless your cars stop working. Also put off buying extra things like clothes, furniture, electronics, outdoor recreational vehicles. etc.

You will likely have money for these one day, but right now is not the time to buy them. 

Buy Things With Cash Or A Debit Card

It is smart to buy items with cash or a debit card instead of with a credit card. When you buy things via cash or debit, you are paying for them with money that you actually have, and you will be much more cautious of what you are purchasing, and will likely not make impulse purchases. Use your credit card for emergencies only.

If you need help or have questions, contact a company like Certified Appliance.