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The Five Main Types Of Storm Shutters

Storm shutters, also known as hurricane shutters, provide increased structural protection to your windows in the event of a storm, which protects the inside of your home from damage. There are five main types of storm shutters available, all of which offer a set of different benefits over each other. Understanding the differences between these various types of storm shutters can help you choose the variant that best suits your needs.

Storm Panels

The most common type of storm shutters, storm panels are an inexpensive option that provides a high degree of protection to your home. They are mounted on the walls around your windows and doors, and slide out in an overlapping manner that adds an additional degree of structural stability to the shutters. The downside of storm panels is that they can be hard to set up quickly, and often require more than one person to operate.

Accordion Storm Shutters

Accordion style storm shutters are housed in a box next to the window, and roll out on wheels. They tend to cost a bit more than storm panels, but are much easier to set up. A single person can make their home storm ready under extremely short notice. However, the wheels that allow the storm shutters to deploy are fragile, and if broken it can be impossible to protect your windows.

Bahama Storm Shutters

Traditional styled storm shutters, Bahama storm shutters are fixed to the wall above the window and propped open with a stick under normal weather. In stormy conditions, the stick is removed so that the shutter falls down over the window. They are slightly more expensive than accordion storm shutters, but can be deployed even faster. However, Bahama storm shutters don't offer the same level of protection to your windows, as they are most commonly made out of wood.

Hurricane Glass

Though not a storm shutter, hurricane glass has begun to work as a replacement for them. Hurricane glass is the most expensive storm protection available, but means that you are always ready for a storm. There is no preparation that you have to do in the face of a coming storm. Additionally, the aesthetic of your home will be preserved, as you do not need to have heavy shutters hanging on the outside walls. However, hurricane glass has to be installed by a contractor like Active Hurricane & Security Protection, further driving up the price, and usually requires the replacement of the entire window frame.