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Hotel Upgrades That Makes Your Building Stand Out

Attracting guests is the number one priority of your hotel, and when people are driving by looking for a place to rest for the evening, you want to make sure that your hotel stands strong among other buildings. Use these upgrading tips to make sure your hotel is the one that draws attention, so you can have more in-house guests every night.


You need to make sure that your roof is not leaking due to the number of ventilation systems you have for the many bathrooms you supply. As a hospitality service provider, you need to ensure other aspects of proper roofing as well. Your roof should be soundproof so guests are not disturbed by wind or rain noise, and look esthetically pleasing. Commercial roofing companies like P Cooper Roofing can replace your current panels or shingles with a mix of beautiful materials that help make your hotel more insulated against noise, including:

  • shake
  • tile shingles
  • asphalt shingles

They can also create slopes and valleys with varied materials so they blend well in your roof and draw the eye.


The border around your hotel should always include a beautiful and engaging landscape. Use decorative rock to border your property, followed by colorful shrubbery or low trees, such as barberry, Japanese lace leaf maple, or Euonymus. Planting these kinds of shrubs or trees help keep people from treading on the grass due to their heavy foliage, and give your hotel a welcoming entry for guests to walk through at all times of year.

As you monitor your landscape, make sure all weeds and debris are removed from gutters, around garbage cans, and in walkways surrounding your building. Daily upkeep helps keep your hotel looking fresh and inviting.


You should have sliding doors to make entering your building easier for guests. If the exterior of your hotel is dark or plain in design, you can add decorative rock to the main entry to make it more visible to people who are driving by. Surround your entry with low yellow lights in bronze or black fixtures, so your hotel is easy to see even from the road. Your hotel name should be brightly lit above your doors or on a tall marquee, so you can't be missed as people drive by.

Upgrading your hotel helps you stand out among your competitors. When your building is easy to find and carries an attractive appeal, people can feel more inclined to use your services. Use these simple tips to make your hotel attractive and easier to locate, so you can attract more guests to your establishment.