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Clever Ways To Use The Space Beneath Your Staircase

There is a large number of dead spaces in your home that can be used for other things. Whether the dead space can be used for more livable space, or merely for storage, it's your space to use as you please, and use it you should. Dead spaces in your home, such as the space below your kitchen cabinets, attic space, open areas above your staircase, and the space beneath your staircase, can all be used to do with as you please. This article will tell you a few ways to use the space below your staircase. 

Office Space

Use the space below your stairs to create a small home office space. This way, you utilize the dead space, and create a home office that doesn't require the use of an entire room. If the area below your staircase isn't open already, you may need to hire some help, or if you're handy you can open the space yourself. Be sure your staircase is properly supported before making any cuts, then open one side of the stair wall. Add some shelves, an L-shaped desk, and a few drawers for your very own, built in home office.


Add bookshelves in your staircase wall, and line the shelves with your books. Finally, you have a place for all of your old books, and you can have your very own library.

Stair Step Storage

Add hinges on your stair steps so you can easily lift them for quick storage. Store shoes, rugs, backpacks, or whatever you want in your stair step storage space to keep your foyer more organized.

Wine Cellar

Add a wine cellar or bar below your staircase. This is a great idea for the staircase space in your basement. Install wooden wine racks and keep the space open for easy access. For added beauty, you can install glass doors. Add shelving and a few cabinets for a bar below your staircase. Install a mini refrigerator or wine chiller, to keep your alcohol chilled. Keep drinking glasses on the shelves for easy access.

Other Ideas

  • Reading nook complete with cozy pillows and a small bed.
  • Shoe storage slide-outs in the staircase side wall.
  • Dog house for your furry buddy. Make a cutout large enough for your dog, and add his dog bed and favorite toys.
  • Play house for your kids to play inside.

These are all great ideas, but may be too much for you to handle as a do-it-yourself project. You may need to enlist the help of a general contractor from a company like JB Contractors for some of these ideas, but it will definitely be worth it to have the extra storage space.