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3 Tips For Making A Window Air Conditioner More Energy Efficient

Window air conditioner units have become more energy efficient over the years. But window units tend to be less efficient than central air conditioners due to the installation location. The unit forces the window to remain partly open. Even with the side panels on the unit extended, the window can end up causing cooling loss while letting more warm air inside.

There are a few ways you can make a window air conditioner more energy efficient. While you can perform the tasks yourself, hiring an AC services company will ensure that you have the most efficient experience possible.

Proper Installation and Maintenance

Proper installation can have a major impact on both the safety and the energy efficiency of your window air conditioner unit. Reading the manufacturer instructions carefully is vital if you plan to install the unit without assistance.

Make sure the unit is well secured into the window and ensure that the unit is tilting down as much as suggested. This tilt allows condensate to drain out of the unit. Condensate is a natural byproduct of the cooling process and failure to drain can end up frying the electrical systems within the unit.

You should also check the manual for maintenance tips that will help maintain efficiency. This might include changing the air filters monthly or pulling the unit out to perform a deep clean at the end of the season.

Add Insulation

Once the unit is properly installed, you need to look for areas that need extra insulation beyond the expandable side panels. On a warm but breezy day, stand in front of the window with the unit. Turn the unit off and wave your hands in front of the window to feel for incoming warm air. Those are the areas that need more insulation.

If the insulation problem is around the edges of the unit, you can use foam insulation to plug the gaps. Foam insulation strips are available at the hardware store with an adhesive already attached. Simply cut the strips to size and press into place.

The insulation problem can also come from the glass itself. To fix this problem, you can purchase a window insulation film kit at the hardware store. The kit includes clear sheets of plastic that form a tight seal to the window glass and keep warm air on the outside.

Installation and Removal Schedule

Leaving the unit in the window all year makes you more vulnerable to any potential gaps in insulation and exposes the exterior of your unit to the harsh cold of winter, which can harm efficiency next year. Hire an AC services company to remove your unit as soon as the weather cools down. The company should clean the unit and place it in storage then come back in the spring to reinstall the unit.

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