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3 Instances Where A Property Survey Might Be In Order

Property surveys are done to help with locating, monumenting, mapping and describing the corners and boundaries of a piece of land. Property surveying might also include topographical mapping of your piece of property, improvements made and the location of additional buildings within the space described. Boundaries serve as a natural separation between two pieces of property next to one another. Natural boundaries are something like rivers, while artificial boundaries are those that were created by man, such as city limits. Don't think you need to have a survey done? Here are a few instances where a land survey could come in handy.

You are looking to purchase a new piece of land.

Anyone who is looking to purchase land needs to have someone come out and do a survey of the property before making any final purchase decisions. You don't want to spend a lot of money on a piece of property only to find out you aren't getting what you thought you were. A land survey will outline the boundaries of the property, whether any fences, sidewalks, trees and other features are on the property or not and whether there are any enclosures or buildings that are in close proximity to the land you are looking to purchase. They can also let you know if the land is suitable for building in accordance with the local zoning regulations. If the land is determined to be wetlands, you need to know this if you were planning on building on site.

You are considering borrowing money on your property.

If you are looking to take out a loan on your property, the bank might require you to go out and get a survey done before they will loan you the money. Regardless of whether you are looking to build a structure on your property or upgrade one you have there already, the bank will often want you to get a survey done so they know their money is going toward something that is worth the risk.

You aren't sure where your property line is.

Oftentimes, people think their property line is one place when in fact, it is somewhere completely different.  To make sure you aren't infringing on your neighbor's property and using something that isn't yours, spend some time having a survey done.

Land surveys can help in more ways than one. They provide you with an abundance of information that ensures you know what it is that you are purchasing, what it is that you already own and what it is that you are looking to do. Whenever in doubt, you can turn to your land survey for all of the information you need about a piece of property in question.