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3 Ways To Reduce The Number Of Mosquitoes On The Property That You Manage

Deter mosquitoes from spending time outside of the apartment complex that you manage with the following methods. This will allow the people who rent the apartments to enjoy the time that they spend outdoors without being aggravated by mosquitoes that are trying to bite them.

Herbs And Flowering Plants

Reduce the amount of mosquitoes on the property and add beauty to the area at the same time by planting herbs and flowering plants that naturally repel mosquitoes. Mint, catnip, citronella, marigolds, and lavender all emit scents that mosquitoes do not like. People, on the contrary, enjoy the unique scents and beauty that each variety provides.

Clear part of the ground in front of each apartment and dig small holes that are a few inches deep in it. Sprinkle seeds liberally in each one and cover them up with dirt. Water the seeds a few times each week. Within a couple weeks, the plants will sprout and you may notice a reduction in the amount of mosquitoes that are found outside. Each plant is perennial, so they will continue to provide mosquito protection year after year.

Neem And Coconut Oil

Neem oil is a natural insecticide that is commonly used to eliminate a variety of pests. It comes from the neem tree and is safe to use around people, plants, and wildlife. Coconut oil is a natural repellent and is often used to soothe painful mosquito bites. When neem oil is mixed with coconut oil, you have a powerful product that will wipe out mosquitoes that it comes into contact with while leaving a fresh scent on your property.

Add equal amounts of neem oil and coconut oil to a garden sprayer's tank or spray bottle. Apply the product to trees, plants, grass, and any other areas that you usually see mosquitoes in. Continue to use the mixture each day until the number of mosquitoes on the property has been drastically reduced.

Misting System

A misting system is a modern product that will distribute a commercial or natural pesticide on the property. The pesticide is placed in a drum that is connected to the misting system. A timer can be set so that the pesticide is discharged at a specific time each day. If a heavy infestation of mosquitoes is on the property, the machine can be programmed so that it constantly distributes the pesticide.

Many models come with a remote control, allowing individuals to make adjustments to the settings without having to lay a finger on the machine. After a few weeks of using this type of machine, there won't be as many mosquitoes in the area.

After trying these methods, the property that you manage will have a pleasant atmosphere. Continue to use all of these pest control methods each year so that a mosquito infestation does not become a problem again. For more information, contact a professional like those at All Seasons Pest Control.