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Preventative Maintenance That Can Prolong The Life Of Your Air Conditioner

If the idea of replacing your home's air conditioner is not appealing, you need to know how to prolong the life of your current unit. Preventative maintenance is one option you have, but you should be aware of the different areas of your unit that can benefit from this service. By knowing this information, you will have a much easier time maintaining your HVAC unit for years to come.

Electrical Work

The electrical parts of your HVAC system can be one area that is not inspected until the unit stops working. However, maintaining this area can help prevent a number of problems so it keeps working throughout the years.

For example, your unit relies on fuses to help maintain the power flow throughout the external portions of the system. If a fuse should stop working, your outside compressor will not turn on.

A capacitor is another electrical part of the outside compressor, which acts as a battery and stores energy. When the compressor turns on, the capacitor helps with the process by giving the compressor an additional energy boost to get started.

To keep your electrical portions working properly, you want to have an HVAC technician inspect these areas on a routine basis. During the inspection, you can have the technician test the fuses and capacitor. If these items are showing signs of breaking down, you can then have the technician replace them before the items fail completely.

Ductwork Maintenance

Your ductwork is another key component of your air conditioner, and you need to make sure this area is maintained throughout the years. Unfortunately, when the ductwork is in disrepair, the unit can become over worked and start to fail.

One common problem is broken ductwork seams that leak cool air into your attic or crawlspace. When this happens, your unit continues to run until it can cool down your house, but this task becomes more difficult as the cool air continues to leak out of the seams. By having the ductwork inspected on a routine basis, you can fix this issue before it over works your HVAC system.

Cleaning your ductwork is also a good way to maintain your system. This area can clog up with dust, hair, pet dander and pollen and block the air intake for your unit. This blockage slows down the unit and makes it work harder. When your system has to work harder for extended periods, it can cause parts such as the compressor or furnace to wear out, and you may need to replace your HVAC system to fix the problem.

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