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Five Things A Contractor Needs To Know To Create A Custom Duck Blind For You

If you are someone who enjoys duck hunting, you know how important a great duck blind can be. There are many different types of duck blinds available, but many are portable and do not offer you much protection from the elements. If you are tired of having to replace your duck blind every few years, consider having a custom duck blind created for you. The following guide walks you through a few things the contractor will need to know in order to build you the duck blind of your dreams.

Determine the Location

Once the duck blind is built, moving it will be difficult due to its weight. Take the time to determine where the best duck hunting position is and let the contractor know the location so that the duck blind can be built there.

Determine the Size

You need to take the time to determine how large you want the duck blind to be. You can have it as tall or short as you would like, but you need to remember that you will be shooting a gun from inside of it, so ensure there is enough room for you to be able to aim at the ducks accurately when you are in the blind.

Determine the Seating

Having a bench built inside of the blind will ensure that you and a guest have somewhere to sit while you are in the blind. You will not have to remember to bring chairs each time you go hunting.

Determine the Security

You want to be sure that no wild animals are able to get into the blind. Be sure that there is a door on the side that can be closed and locked and that the roof locks so no one or nothing can get into it.

Determine Your Dog Placement

Many bird hunters have dogs that come with them on the trip to retrieve the ducks after they are shot. If you have a dog that will be in the blind with you, you need to be sure that there is a safe place for them to sit while they are waiting for you to kill a duck. Once the duck has been killed, be sure that there is an opening the dog can use to get out of the blind quickly and easily to find the duck before another animal does.

Once the contractor knows all of this information, he or she can create a blueprint for the duck blind that they envision creating for you. You can let them know any changes you want them to make, and they can then get started on the construction right away. Building a duck blind should not take very long, so you can start using it almost right away.