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Proper Etiquette While Using A Residential Elevator

Elevators are undoubtedly an important invention that has made traveling a lot easier. Although you are in them for just a short period of time, there are certain unwritten rules that you are expected to follow when entering, exiting or riding an elevator. This article will focus on elevator etiquette so as to help you avoid elevator taboos that may be offensive to other passengers.

Rules of entering and exiting

The first thing to do while waiting for an elevator is to make sure it is going in the direction you want to travel so as to avoid delaying other passengers while on board. You should also stay clear of the doors to allow room for passengers to exit the elevator once it gets to your floor.

If the elevator is crowded when the door opens, it is sensible to avoid squeezing yourself in. Typically, there should be room for two passengers for every one trying to board. If there isn't enough room, it may be better to just wait for the next car.

Proper etiquette is also important while handling the elevator door. Firstly, you should only hold the door for an onrushing passenger when there is enough room in the car and there is consensus among the passengers that they do not mind waiting. Next, only push the close button when no other passengers are getting on board.

If your destination is on the higher floors, try to stand toward the back and as close to the walls as possible so as to allow room for others who might be exiting early. If you do stand close to the buttons, be kind enough to push the floors for incoming passengers if requested.

When exiting the elevator, politely announce to the other riders that this is your floor so they make room for you.

Riding the elevator

Respecting the personal space of others while on an elevator is essential. This means that you shouldn't touch or bump into other riders, and should apologize if you accidentally do so. If you are riding with luggage, it would be respectful to wait for an empty elevator, or to enter a car with other passengers only when there is ample room for you and your baggage.

If you must start a conversation while riding, keep it short, and avoid vulgar jokes and subjects that could offend others. You should also avoid smoking in the elevator and cover your mouth when you sneeze. If you have the flu or some other contagious illness, avoid touching the buttons with your bare hands.

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