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3 Possible Reasons Why Littering Is A Problem In Your Parking Lot

Littering can be a big problem. If your parking lot is filled with trash, you probably get tired of cleaning it up. Plus, you might worry about the reputation that it gives your business, and you could also be worried about all of the garbage spreading to other area businesses. Before you can get a handle on the littering in your parking lot, you have to decide what is causing it. These are three potential reasons why littering is such a big problem in your parking area.

1. It's Already Full of Garbage

If people see that there is already a lot of garbage in your parking lot, they'll be more prone to throw down their own trash. Make sure that you keep up with keeping your parking area clean; it's a good idea to hire a street sweeping company to come through and do a thorough cleaning, and you and your employees should make an effort to pick up garbage as you see it. If people notice that your parking lot looks clean and that others haven't been throwing trash down on the ground, they might be less likely to do it themselves.

2. People Think They Can Get Away With It

If the people who frequent your parking area think that they can get away with it, they might be more prone to littering. Make sure that your parking lot is well-lit and that there are surveillance cameras in plain view, and post signs that prohibit littering. Little things like this can actually make people think twice about littering. Plus, adding more lighting and surveillance cameras can help contribute to the overall safety and security in your parking lot anyway, so they're a great addition regardless.

3. Garbage Cans Aren't Easily Accessible

Make sure that there are garbage cans in easy-to-access areas around the outside of your property. You might not want to dump a lot of garbage cans, but doing so can be a lot better than picking up garbage off of the ground. Adding garbage cans throughout your parking lot and outside of your doors can give people an appropriate place to dispose of their garbage.

As you can see, there are a host of things that can cause people to litter in a parking lot. If you think any of these three things apply to your business, making a few changes can help you improve the littering situation.

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