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How To Get Rid Of Mice Naturally Yourself

Mice are disgusting little scavengers looking for food and a warm place to make their home. You may see droppings in your garage, basement or around counters inside your home. If you have seen droppings, chances are you have a family or two of mice living in your home. To keep those mice from multiplying into an army of little critters, see below for helpful tips on how to get rid of mice yourself and naturally.

Find The Entrance

Those little fuzzy intruders are making their way inside your home from an outside entrance, so you need to find this entrance to prevent more from coming in. Look around the exterior of your home for any small openings and make any necessary repairs. Remember that mice can squeeze themselves into openings as small as a dime, so don't overlook small holes. Look around window casings where the siding meets the window trim, look around cable/telephone wires and look near vents. Also be sure to look in the garage for openings if you have an attached garage. Seal the holes using either caulk or stuffing steel wool into holes.

Don't Give Away Free Food

Mice are always looking for a free meal, so stop providing them. Seal all food containers in plastic totes in your pantry making it more difficult for mice to get to. Also be sure to sweep up crumbs on the floor after cooking or eating. Clean counters off to get rid of leftover crumbs as well. Make sure to pick up pet leftover pet food and empty garbage at night. When mice can no longer find food in your home, they'll move on.

Set Traps

Use mouse traps near your pantry, in the attic, basement and garage to help get rid of mice. You can place a small amount of cheese on the traps or use peanut butter. Just be sure to keep them out of reach from pets and small children. Check and reset these traps daily and get rid of any mice that have gotten trapped. You can also sprinkle small amounts of peppermint essential oil around your home to get rid of mice. Mice do not like the smell. Sprinkle a small amount onto cotton balls and place them in the garage or attic.

Getting rid of mice naturally and without the use of harmful toxic pesticides is the best choice, especially if you have pets and small children in your home. Be sure to check traps daily and make repairs around your home to help prevent mice from returning. For more information, contact companies like Antex Exterminating Co Inc.