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Got A Clogged Drain In Your Kitchen? Make Sure You Avoid These DIY Mistakes

When you think about all of the functional components in your kitchen, you will probably see that the kitchen sink is one aspect that gets more use than just about anything else. From washing dishes and washing foods to keeping your hands clean, the kitchen sink definitely sees a lot of action on an average day. If there is one thing that can make your kitchen feel like it is dysfunctional, it is a sink that will not drain. While you may be in a hurry to get things flowing again if you have a clogged kitchen drain, make sure you don't make these big DIY mistakes. 

Mistake: Pouring boiling hot water down your drain. 

Why? Boiling water can get trapped inside the drain line and cause damage to the lines and the sealers which hold them in place. This is especially an issue if you have a drain that is completely clogged so the boiling water will just stand in the same section for a long period of time. 

Instead: Try a mixture of hot (not boiling) water and salt. The hot water may melt away any gunked up grease and grime and the salt acts as an abrasive to clear small bits of debris. 

Mistake: Pulling a drain apart without getting prepared first. 

Why? If you cannot get the drain flowing again from above, you may be tempted to just start pulling drain lines apart beneath the sink. While this may lead you to the source of the problem, you have to remember that these drainage lines will likely be filled with not just water, but debris that you do not want all over the inside of your cabinetry. 

Instead: Try to empty out the drain line as much as possible using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner hose before taking anything apart. Simply press the end of the hose directly over the drain to create a seal tight enough so the vacuum can pull up the water residing inside the line. 

Mistake: Using a plunger to push water through the drain with too much force.

Why? In some cases, using a plunger to break loose a small clog will work just fine. However, if you have a clog so severe that no water is moving, forcing air through the line with a plunger make actually make the problem worse because you will put a lot of pressure on the drainage lines. This could lead to busted pipes under your sink. 

Instead: Use only gentle pushing pressure to try and loosen a clogged drain. If this does not help at all, it is a good idea to call a plumber to come and take a look. 

For more information, contact Plumb Care Plumbing or a similar company.