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Want To Get Your Kids Involved In The Kitchen Early On? 3 Remodeling Tips To Follow

Cooking in the kitchen is something that is typically associated with adults. Some high schools provide optional classes that incorporate cooking, which could be the first time that teenagers start learning. But, you may want to introduce your kids to the kitchen as early as you can. The problem is that most kitchens are not designed to accommodate children who are willing to learn at such a young age. Sure, there are some features you will not want your kids to be able to use with ease, such as the oven and stovetop, but there are plenty of things that they can do in the kitchen that will not put them or the house at risk. So, make them a priority during a kitchen remodel and you can start teaching them about cooking.

Bring the Microwave Down a Notch

The microwave is usually on the countertop, above the stovetop, or in the cabinetry. But, even when it is built in with the cabinets, it is typically installed at around eye level to make it easy for adults to use. This is when you will want to change things up and have it installed a bit farther down. It is easy to sacrifice some storage space below the countertops to add such a feature. Also, since most modern microwaves can be locked to prevent unsupervised use by your kids, having it so low should not be a concern.

Create More Reachable Storage

Kids are not always that coordinated, so you do not want them to be reaching deep into cabinets in an attempt to pull out bowls, cups, or measuring spoons that are needed for handling meal preparation. An excellent solution is to have pullout drawers installed in the lower cabinets to make for easy access. This way, all your kid has to do is open the cabinet, pull out the drawer, and grab what they need. Corner drawers with storage that spins in a circular motion can also help with granting quick access to items.

Build a Kitchen Island

One of the best things that you can do for helping your kids learn how to cook is build an island. An island gives you so much potential because it can be used to fill in any gaps that you might have in the kitchen. A microwave can be built into the island, or you can add lots of easy-to-access cabinetry. Also, as soon as your kids hit grade school, you can start having them help with combining ingredients into bowls. You can make sure the island has enough seating where your kids can sit down and help with prep.

Getting a little creative is all it takes to create a kid-friendly kitchen. For assistance, talk to a professional like Luxcucina.