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2 Reasons To Invest In A Saltwater Pool

When building a new pool, it is very important to consider the saltwater option because it can provide you with a range of benefits that a traditional swimming pool really can't compete with. Listed below are two reasons to invest in a saltwater pool.

Provides Continuous Chlorine Supply

One of the biggest misconceptions that many people have about a saltwater pool is that it does not have any chlorine in it whatsoever. However, a saltwater pool still does have chlorine in the water; it just uses an electrolysis process to create its own chlorine continuously in order to keep you as clean as possible. Since the chlorine is constantly being fed into the saltwater pool by a saltwater generator, you do not have to perform as much maintenance because you are not going to actively be pouring chlorine into the water.

This is beneficial because it cuts down the work that you have to do while also making sure that you do not accidentally put in too much or too little chlorine. Too much chlorine can easily result in the water being quite harsh and unpleasant, while too little chlorine can result in algae growth and a fairly nasty pool.

Provides A More Pleasant Pool Experience

Another reason to consider a saltwater pool is the fact that it provides a more pleasant pool experience. One of the reasons for this is that since a saltwater pool will have less chlorine in it than a traditional swimming pool, the water will actually feel softer and more pleasant on your skin.

In addition, chlorinated water in a traditional swimming pool can often have a range of side effects on many individuals, such as red eyes, skin rashes, and even a wide range of allergic reactions. However, since the saltwater pool will have less chlorine in it, those side effects will either be much less pronounced or completely nonexistent.

Also, while there is salt in the water, it is not going to be nearly as much salt as you would find in typical ocean water. The amount of salt located in a saltwater pool is only a small fraction of what you would find in typical ocean water, which means that it will be less harsh on your body and your eyes if you should choose to open your eyes while you are underwater.

Contact a contractor or custom pool builder today in order to discuss the many reasons as to why you should consider a saltwater pool and the benefits that a saltwater pool can provide. A saltwater pool is a great investment because it can provide a continuous chlorine supply to the pool while also providing a more pleasant pool experience.