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How Can You Reduce Humidity In Your Home?

High levels of humidity in your home can not only leave the air feeling muggy, but it can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. The levels of humidity in your home can fluctuate as you perform certain tasks, such as showering and cooking. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the humidity in your home and prevent serious consequences. Here are a couple of ways that could work for your home.  

Turn on the Air Conditioner

Although the primary function of your air conditioner is to cool the air, it also helps to remove moisture from the air. To perform this important task though, the air conditioner needs to be in good working condition. If your system is running but it is still humid, it is likely that an inspection by an HVAC contractor is needed.  

Issues, such as a refrigerant leak, can prevent the system from operating efficiently. As a result, your energy bills could increase as the system tries to counter the humidity in your home.  

Before calling the contractor, check and change the filter and remove any debris that is around the unit outdoors. You also need to be sure that all of the vents are open. If the system still does not operate as needed, call in the contractor.  

Seal Your Home

The warm air outside of your home can seep inside and cause the humidity levels to increase. Even if you are operating your air conditioner, the humidity levels could still be more than expected.  

To prevent outside air from getting inside, take the time to check your home for leaks. Leaks near windows and doors need to be closed. You can use caulk to fill those cracks.  

In addition to these measures, if you have a dryer, check the seal around the exhaust pipe and the vent. If it is not properly sealed, air could get in and out of the area. If the exhaust pipe is not properly fitted, consider replacing it to get it right. Doing so could mean a decrease in your energy costs as the heated air is pushed outside instead of in your home.  

Talk to your HVAC contractor about other ways you can lower the humidity in your home. The contractor can help you discover if there are any things you are doing to inadvertently increase the humidity and advise you on how to counter those actions. 

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