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4 Steps To Basic Moisture Control In The Basement

As a homeowner with a basement, you want to be sure that you are up to par with your moisture control here. Otherwise, you can end up with a huge mess ranging from mold growth to excessive water damage and more. Here are four basic steps to moisture control in the basement:

  1. Check for Dryer Vent Leaks: One of the easiest parts of moisture control is being sure that your dryer's vent is not leaking or disconnected. Otherwise, all of the hot air that the dryer is blowing out of your home will end up in the basement, causing excessive moisture. Simply check that the airflow is consistent, and be sure that there is no air coming from the pipe behind the dryer at all. Otherwise, you have a leak that needs to be sealed with foil tape.
  2. Put a Cover on the Basin: If you have a sump basin in the basement, you will want to get a cover for it so that the water stays sealed inside. Otherwise, that water is going to create moisture in the air. On top of this, it makes your basement musty, which isn't enjoyable to spend time in if you do want to convert it to a livable space. 
  3. Repair Cracks in the Wall: If there are any cracks in the wall, it can cause problems with seepage. This easily leads to mold growth and mold spores growing on the walls in the basement. You will want to repair the cracks, which professional waterproofing services can do for you. They can also ensure that there are not small cracks where the floor meets the wall. If so, then they will install interior draining to prevent that seepage from becoming a problem for your basement. 
  4. Fix Plumbing Leaks: Any and all plumbing leaks in your home need to be fixed right away. This is why it's important to have a plumber come out for regular inspections. They will be sure that even small leaks are repaired before they become a problem for your basement. 

When you take these four steps, you can be sure that the moisture levels in your basement are controlled as much as they possibly can be. The best thing to do if you have other concerns is to rely on professional waterproofing services, such as Baywest Construction LLC, to help you discover even more ways your home specifically can benefit from moisture control tips.