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Tips For Having Your Driveway Paved With Asphalt

Have your driveway paved with asphalt can provide your property with some important benefits. While paving a driveway with a layer of asphalt is a fairly common procedure, it is a reality that some individuals will simply fail to thoroughly research the steps that they should take when having this type of property upgrade completed.

Be Mindful Of Where You Want The Driveway Placed

Choosing the location of your new driveway will be one of the more important decisions that you will make during this process. While it may seem like the driveway could simply be placed anywhere, there are several considerations that will need to be factored into this decision. For example, large trees can damage the driveway due to their roots growing under it. Also, placing the driveway in an area of the yard that is prone to experiencing erosion can be another major problem as it can severely destabilize the driveway. Lastly, you will want to avoid placing the driveway in an area of your yard that is prone to flooding as prolonged moisture exposure can be damaging to asphalt. Also, a flooded driveway can be somewhat hazardous to use as it may still be possible for your car to lose traction if the water on the driveway is more than a couple of inches deep.

Obtain Estimates From Multiple Contractors

Before you make a choice about which contractor you should use for this project, you will find that it can be very beneficial for you to obtain quotes from at least several different providers. The costs that will be quoted by the contractors can vary greatly according to the scope of the work that will need to be done to pave the driveway along with whether the contractor currently has the equipment for this task or if they will need to rent it. After you have quotes from several providers, it will be much easier for you to judge which contractor is offering the best deal for completing this project.

Avoid Using The Driveway For At Least Several Days After It Is Poured

Once your asphalt driveway has been poured, you will need to avoid driving or parking your car on it for at least several days so that the asphalt can fully harden. Failure to respect this need can result in the driveway developing deep grooves and indentations in it that can be unsightly and allow water to pool. If you are concerned about determining whether it is safe to use your driveway, you can schedule to have your contractor inspect the asphalt to determine whether it has sufficiently cured.

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