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Protect Your Windows With Occasional Tree Trimming Service

Living in a single-family home means that you will have windows all throughout the house. Keeping them clean and making sure they do not get damaged may be your top priorities. So, you may want to find a solution when you notice that your trees are getting too close.

While you could go for a permanent solution in removing any trees that put your windows at risk, you can also find a reliable way to handle this situation by getting occasional tree trimming. Considering the parts of your windows that are at risk will help you get service at the right time.

Exterior Shutters

Some people have windows shutters on the inside of their home, but you may have them on the outside. You may like what they do to improve your home's curb appeal. But, you may want to prevent them from getting damaged by the tree branches that grow close to them.

If the branches are strong enough, they could damage or break some of the wooden slats. Another possibility is branches making rough contact with the shutters and scratching paint off.


One of the more high-risk features of your windows is awnings. If you have awnings with some or all your windows, you should consider their overall durability when you get tree trimming. Some awnings are sturdy enough to handle even a heavy branch falling on top of them. But, you may have more delicate awnings in which you want to keep branches from getting close at all.


Many windows have screens to protect your home from dirt, dust, and pests. This way, you can open your windows with confidence knowing that these things will not get inside easily. But, unless you have sturdy screens that are designed to withstand something as strong as cat claws, you should expect them to tear when a branch hits the screen by falling or with enough growth.

Window Boxes

An excellent way to beautify your windows is by adding window boxes where you grow all sorts of plants, especially colorful flowers. These flowers may rely on sunlight to stay healthy and attractive. But, the growth of nearby trees can have branches covering the sun. In addition to concealing nutrients from the sun, falling branches can cause damage to the boxes and plants.

If you enjoy having trees on your property, you should find a consistent routine for tree trimming that prevents the branches from becoming a problem for your windows. For more information, visit a website such as