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Common Questions About Adding A Sump Pump To Your Home

A sump pump can be an essential upgrade to make to your home. While these devices can be ideal for helping homeowners to prevent water from accumulating in their basement, the process of adding one to a building is often something that homeowners will not have experience with overseeing. A lack of accurate information about sump pump installation can lead to homeowners making poor decisions or having incorrect expectations.

Can You Install A Sump Pump Yourself?

Many homeowners will take great pride in performing most of the repairs and upgrades that their property will need on their own. However, it should be noted that the installation of a sump pump can be an extremely complicated process as it may require modifications to the foundation of the home. If this work is done incorrectly, it can create major problems for the home that will require expensive and extensive repairs to correct. Additionally, some insurance policies will prevent homeowners from attempting this upgrade without professional help due to the risk of damage to the foundation.

Will The Sump Pump Have To Be Manually Activated?

While a sump pump can be an extremely effective option for removing unwanted water from the basement of your home, it is often assumed that a sump pump will have to be manually activated in order to start pumping the water out of the basement. However, these pumps are equipped with sophisticated sensors that will alert the system to the presence of water in its collector. Once the water is detected, the system will activate, and it will continue pumping until the collector has been fully emptied. In some instances, homeowners may notice that their pump seems to be running excessively, if you notice this issue with your system, you may need to have it serviced so that the sensor can be calibrated or replaced.

Do Sump Pump Systems Require Intensive Maintenance To Keep Them Operational?

Another common assumption about sump pumps is that they will be maintenance intensive. While it is true that a sump pump will require some care to keep it in good condition, these pumps are not particularly maintenance intensive. Rather, these systems will only need to be periodically cleaned by the homeowner in order to remove any debris, algae or other substances that could have gotten in the system. Also, the motor of the pump should be serviced every few years so that any worn components can be replaced before they cause a system failure. Luckily, these services are fairly inexpensive, and they will not take more than a couple of hours to complete.