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Things To Know About Your Business's Plumbing Needs

Commercial properties will have far more intense plumbing needs than residential properties. Yet, many business owners will fail to appreciate the increased demands that their business's plumbing will experience. This failure can lead to significant problems that might cause expensive damages and disruptive performance problems.

Unused Drains Can Present Problems

You might assume that drains that go unused will be unable to cause problems. Yet, there is water in the drain trap that prevents insects and gases from being able to enter your business. If there are any drains in your business's building that may be prone to going for long periods of time without being used, pouring water down these drains every few weeks will minimize this potential risk.

Your Plumbing System Requires Vents

To allow the water to flow through the system, the plumbing system must have a series of vents to allow the air to exit the system. Unfortunately, these vents can become blocked, and this might cause the system to struggle to effectively drain. Extremely loud noises could be produced when water flows through the drain. The exact location of the vents can vary, but it will be worth the effort to locate the vents and periodically check them to ensure they are clear. Otherwise, a company like Cool Air Mechanical, Inc. may need to come inspect and repair the vents.

Chemical Traps Must Be Regularly Emptied to Function Correctly

If your business uses chemical or grease traps, they will have to be regularly emptied. Otherwise, they will lose the ability to filter out these substances from the water. You can help to reduce the guesswork about whether it is time for the trap to be emptied by upgrading to traps with digital monitoring systems. These systems can alert you when the trap is approaching capacity so that you can arrange for them to be emptied. Considering that many hazardous substances will have to be picked up by specialty disposal services, you should make sure these systems are set to provide you with sufficient notification to schedule to have the trap emptied.

Sewer Cleanings Can Be Used to Improve the Performance of the Drains

A clogged sewer line will cause the drains in the business to move water much more slowly. For businesses that must use large volumes of water, this can lead to issues as the water may start to get backed up. Having the business's sewer line cleaned every few years can remove any sediments that could have gathered in the sewer line. This may require the plumbing system to be inactive for a couple of hours, so if this will pose a problem for your business, it may be possible to schedule this work for when the enterprise is closed.