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Three Things That Can Go Wrong with Your Septic Drainage Field and How to Fix Them

Septic tank systems all contain one final end component: the drainage field. For the most part, drainage fields, or drainfields, are not a problem. Certain things can go wrong, but it is rather unusual. However, if you suspect that your drainage field has something wrong with it, you will need a septic tank drainfield repair. Here are some possible things that can go wrong with the drainage field and how to fix them.

Flooded Drainage Field

A drainage field for your septic system is mostly underground. It is constructed in such a way that the liquid sewage from your septic tank drains downhill into an area several yards from the tank. The drainage empties into a large, rectangular pile of large gravel several feet below ground. However, some of the sewage gases and waste do manage to float upward just enough to cause the soil in this area to become nutrient-rich. As such, the grass over this area becomes exceedingly green and very obvious to anyone who can see the difference between it and the surrounding grass. 

When rains have been excessive, however, your drainage field can become flooded. If the whole of your yard becomes quite flooded, the liquid sewage will rise to the surface rather than sink into the ground below. It will take a long time for waters to recede, leaving behind a very smelly mess in your yard. Your best bet is to call a septic tank company and ask them to clean up the yard and pump out the tank to reduce the possibility of additional liquid waste flooding the drainage field at this time. 

Plugged Drain

Another thing that can go wrong with your drainage field is a plugged drain. This can happen further up the line or very close to the bottom of the drain pipe. When it happens, it can result in ruptured drain pipes and a sewage flooded yard. If you see mounds slowly building in the yard between the septic tank's location and the drainage field, call a septic tank company right away. Those "bubbles" in the yard mean that you have a blocked drain pipe that is leaking or exploding. It will need to be excavated, cleared, and repaired. 

Sinking Drainage Field

Finally, a drainage field that appears to be sinking into the ground is also a cause for concern. Essentially, the soil underneath the drainage bed of gravel has shifted and/or is sinking itself. This will displace the angle at which the drainage pipe dispels the liquid sewage, and it can eventually lead to quite a mess. A septic company can excavate the site and make it right.