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Everything Prospective Home Buyers Need to Know About Roofing Inspections

The average asphalt shingle roof can be expected to last about twenty years, but it can be hard for prospective home buyers to know just how old the roof on a home they are considering actually is. Without getting up on the roof, it is also difficult to determine its condition. A roof inspection can give you the answers. Here's what you need to know.

What Constitutes a Roof Inspection?

A professional roofing inspector doesn't necessarily need to physically get up on the roof to assess its condition. They are skilled and can usually tell just by a visual inspection, sometimes with binoculars, if it is in rough shape. They can look for shingles that have curled or lost their coating, they can see bald spots, damaged flashing, and they can tell by other home components, such as the eaves and gutters. A look inside can also confirm suspected roof damage. Water damage on the ceiling or cracks high on the wall can be indicative of a problem.

They also use infrared technology that allows them to see the hot and cold spots of a roof, which indicates heat loss. The roofing inspection will determine the health of the roof as well as estimate how much life it has left before it will need replacing.

Is a Roofing Inspection Necessary?

In many regions of the country, not only is a roofing inspection the prudent thing to do before buying a house, it is a requirement of the lender. Areas which receive high amounts of snowfall tend to go through roofs faster than areas that don't. The same applies to roofs in high moisture or wind areas. The bank is going to want to know what condition the roof is in and how soon it will need to be replaced, answers only a professional roofing inspector can give.

Isn't a Regular Home Inspection Good Enough?

A home inspector is certainly qualified to inspect a roof for general issues, but they typically do not have the specialized experience to assess a roof for specific issues and estimate its age unless they were previously in that industry. Additionally, a roofing inspection will give a prospective homeowner a better bargaining position if they know what to expect in the future should they decide to buy the house. For example, if a roofing inspection uncovers major issues, the buyer can offer the homeowner less or ask the repairs be made before occupancy.

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