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Painting Shiplap Like A Pro: What You Need To Know

Shiplap is a very popular wood option for the interior walls of your home. It gives your walls texture and style that can look beautiful painted, stained, or a mixture of both. If you are considering adding shiplap to a room in your home, you should know how to prep and paint it. Read on for instructions to get this job done.

Prepping The Shiplap


Before installing the shiplap on your walls, or before you paint it if it's already installed on your walls, you need to prep it for painting. Shiplap can remain rough and textured, or you can smooth it a bit so that it has some texture, but not too much. If you prefer the rough look, keep your shiplap the way it is and simply install it on your walls. If you want a smooth look, you need to sand down the wood. Take a palm sander and begin sanding the wood using fine-grit sandpaper. Coarse-grit sandpaper may end up leaving grooves or sanding marks on your wood, which you don't want. The fine-grit sandpaper will remove rough splintered portions of your wood.


Clean your shiplap after you have it smooth and sanded to your preference. Clean the wood using a clean, damp rag to remove sawdust. A shop-vacuum and attachment can also help remove sawdust. Once you have the wood clean, allow the damp wood to dry thoroughly before painting.

Painting The Shiplap

Painting shiplap is done much like painting paneling. You will want to use a primer before painting to give you better coverage. If you are looking for more of the wood to show through, just use paint and sand down portions of the wood to allow it to come through. Use an angled paintbrush to get cut in along the edges and to get in between the joints. Use painter's tape to mark off any areas where you don't want to get any paint, such as adjoining walls, baseboards, trim, or ceilings. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly in between coatings if you need more than one coat of paint. 

Painting shiplap is fairly easy to do, but if you aren't sure about doing this work yourself, hire a professional painter to get the job done for you. They have the know-how to get the work done properly, including the prep work to ensure a longer lifespan of your paint job.

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