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Pros And Cons Of Having Your Master Bedroom On The Front Of The Residence

The position of the individual rooms inside of your home can be just as important as their size and shape when you're planning the layout of your custom home. Your custom home builders may want you to have an expansive master bedroom in which you plan to spend lots of your time, but you'll need to make the right decision about where to situate it on the floor plan. For many people, it's the norm to position the master bedroom on the second floor at the front of the residence. Here are some pros and cons to this location.

Pro: Ability To See The Street

A lot of people like having their master bedroom at the front of the house because they can look out and see the driveway and street. For example, if you're home alone and hear a door slam, you might feel safer being able to peek through the drapes and make sure that it's just a neighbor arriving home, rather than a stranger pulling into your driveway. You might also enjoy looking out in the morning and seeing your neighbors' garbage bins at the curb — which can be a reminder that you need to get your own garbage out.

Con: More Noise And Light

There's little question that situating your master bedroom at the front of your residence may lead to sleeping challenges. Namely, you'll hear the sounds of cars as they pass, which is an issue that might not affect you with a master bedroom at the rear of the structure. Additionally, you may be aware of the streetlights outside of your home when you're trying to sleep. You can remedy the latter issue with blackout curtains, but the noise factor may be disruptive.

Pro: Closer Proximity To The Stairs

While this isn't always the case, it's common for many homes to have their stairs in the front half of the house. For example, the stairs are often just a few paces away from the front entrance. When you position your master bedroom at the front of the upper floor, you'll be in close proximity to the stairs. This means that whether you're running up and down to get dressed in the morning while you cook breakfast, or you simply want to limit the distance you need to travel at the end of a long day, you'll appreciate this layout.

Con: Less Privacy

A master bedroom at the front of the dwelling may not give you as much privacy as one at the rear. For example, if you have neighbors directly across the street from you, it may be necessary to close the drapes each time that you get dressed or walk from the shower into your bedroom. This can be a bit of a hassle. If you don't have neighbors to the rear, you'd be able to leave the drapes open without concerns over someone seeing you.