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Safety Concerns When Repairing Automatic Garage Doors

Non-professionals who have automatic doors are frequently told not to fix automatic doors of any kind themselves and for good reason. Automatic doors are frequently heavy and have a lot of tension in the springs involved. There are a number of concerns when fixing automatic garage doors, whether in industrial or residential environments, that you need to be aware of before attempting to fix an automatic door.


Garage doors can weigh around 300 pounds in residential environments, and industrial environments meant to handle large trucks can be even heavier. You will need proper equipment to keep the garage door upright and off the ground or otherwise in position without having it drop to the ground. You need to make sure the garage door itself is clamped to the track so it does not move while you are fixing any part, especially the spring. The garage door falling can cause serious damage to the door, anything inside the garage, and you.

Sharp Edges

Some garages are made out of sheet metal, which is fairly sharp as many HVAC contractors are aware. Without the proper gloves, sheet metal can cut you as you work with it as not every part that a contractor will need to handle will be covered with the same protective material afforded to the parts clients and users are expected to touch. Additionally, sheet metal cuts from dirty garages or other areas, especially industrial, can cause infection. Wear protective gloves and consider wearing long sleeves.

The Spring

You also need to be cautious of the door spring, as the tension on it is roughly equal to or greater than the weight of the door. You will need to use winding clamps to undo the spring and position yourself so you are never directly in front of the spring while repairing. If the spring is not properly treated, it can launch itself off the automatic door track and seriously damage the adjacent property and injure you. On the off-chance that the spring flies off and no one is hurt, the spring will most likely also be damaged, so skipping the step where you use the proper tools will not save you time or money.


There are a variety of dangers associated with repairing a garage door that a contractor needs to consider. You will need to be cautious of the door itself, as it is extremely heavy. Any sheet metal used is typically sharp, and finally, the spring used in automatic garage doors is dangerous due to tension.

Reach out to a professional who provides door repair for more information.